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Fall Specials: 


Treat your loved one or spoiled yourself with one of luxurious spa treatments. Because we only use natural & organic products, this is the Perfect Gift idea to celebrate a special event or just because.



  • Arctic Cranberry Facial

          75 min Facial Experience : $95         



Arctic Cranberry Facial

Skin Conditions: Anti-aging, normal/combo and dry skin, skin in need of brightening.

This wintery facial contains an arctic cranberry enzyme with 2% mandelic, 2% lactic, 2% arbutin and 2% kojic which is an exceptional combination for an extreme lightening and anti-aging facial. Arctic cranberry seed oil is rich in tocotrienols which the skin needs for protection against free radicals. The arctic cranberry seed oil provides the essential fatty acids Omegas 3, 6, & 9 which are nourishing and anti-inflammatory. Then chill out and relax with the cooling sensation of peppermint in our Wintermint Hydrating Mask.  This hydrating mask is packed with antioxidants and hydration. Gycerin, shea butter, and peppermint hydrate, firm and improve skin’s tone. Cloud Berry is a potent antioxidant and scavenger of free radicals, and possesses anti-viral/fungal/bacterial properties. Peppermint provides a cooling and aromatically pleasing effect to the facial
This customized facial will make you feel very relax from head to toe. 


This indulgent facial is all about giving you a head-to-toe pampering experience. Warm virgin coconut oil and hot stones will be use during the neck massage, peppermint will be use during the scalp massage and she will pamper your feet by wrapping then in hot towels and then massage the lower legs and feet with a citrus and peppermint cream.


Julie will also massage your arms with a Silk & Yuzu cream while your enzyme mask is on. Aromatherapy will be added to help you deeply relax.



Serve with tea, fruit and chocolate



  •    "Tropical Nectar Body Bliss" Package: $180 



Enjoy 2hrs of healthy & deeply relaxing services filled with tropical fruits and flowers. A special retreat to rejuvenate your whole body.


 a 75 min Pampering facial Facial Experience $95

 a 45 min Pampering Back Treatment with Tropical fruit peel mask,  Yuzu citrus scrub & and warm virgin coconut oil & hot stones   massage. $69

 a Hibiscus & Honeysuckle Hair treatment with Scalp massage for $25
 a Rejuvenating peppermint foot massage with a warm watermelon foot mask for $15 

                Special:  $180.    




  • ROYAL "TRANQUILITEA" Package: $290

This package is designed to give someone the ultimate pampering experience at the spa and at home.

  • We will begin the session by pampering the feet with our tropical foot soak with fruit, silk powder and mango butter follow by a Yuzu citrus sugar scrub to leave the feet feeling nice and smooth. (value $30)

  • Then we will pamper them with our "Two Hour Bliss" Package. (value $180)  

  • After the client takes home a assortment of 4 luxurious Bella Lucce products to give them more relaxation time in the comfort of their home. These products will pamper them from head-to-toe  (value $87.50)  See www.bellalucce.com for more details.

1) Silk & Honey Body Lotion ($18 value)
2) Peppermint Nitetime Foot Repair ($23 value)
3) Pomegranate Polishing Face Cream ($19 value)
4) Hibiscus & Honeysuckle Hair treatment ($27 value)

This will be serve with Mimosas, Julie's freshly brewed tea along with fresh fruits and chocolate.

140 minutes


  • Divinitea Package $285

​This package includes two 75 min "Specialtea" facials and two 25 min tropical back scrub with warm coconut massage. This  package will provide a head-to toe relaxing experience with an abundance of massage and products filled with tropical fruits, coconut and chocolate. it will includes Julie's specialty facial massage, silk and yuzu citrus arm massage and refreshing peppermint massage and foot wrap. This package has the perfect combination of relaxing massage & luxurious products to create a special escape.  


This package will be serve with:

  • Mimosas
  • fresh fruits & chocolate
  • freshly brewed tea
  • A Gift product to take home






 To purchase these deals simply click on the "Book Now" link below, then go to the tab Gift certificate and select the offer from the services list. You can also purchase by phone by calling or texting Julie at 904-600-1960


































​​​Freshly brewed tea along with fresh fruit & chocolate will be served before all spa services. Perfect way to start relaxing!

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